Keep On Keepin On


“Keep on keepin on.”

Four simple words. My most recent life motto. [recent as in it was just shared with me today] These words were spoken to me during a rough spot, they were just what I needed to make it through the day.

Before going any further, knowing the importance of the individual who spoke these words to me might help you understand their magnitude. It is not very often in our lives that we come across someone who has fought the same battles, felt the same pain, and celebrated the same little victories that we have. In my case I had to travel 2,500 miles and be completely broken down to meet this person. But boy was it worth it. Fighting the same battles means we have an arsenal at our disposal to help each other. Feeling the same pain means we know how to pick each other up. Celebrating the same little victories means we know how significant every moment is. I am forever grateful to have a friend and sister like this that I am able to encourage and be encouraged by. Walking through life with someone extraordinary makes the days just a little bit brighter.

Some days getting out of bed is a the easiest part, other days it can be the biggest battle, and some days you just fall out of bed. (literally, I fell off my bed this morning) Sometimes it’s the little things, sometimes it’s nothing at all. For me personally, trying to explain a bad day is about as easy as explaining to a four year old why they can’t have something. It just doesn’t work. There is one thing you can understand about me: bad days happen, and they suck. Those days seem to have no end, no escape, and no way to get back up. I feel defeated until something comes along with words to pick my heart back up. Today I was blessed enough to receive four simple words in a text that picked my heart back up. Keep on keepin on.

Last Friday was one of those days where getting out of bed was my biggest battle. I wanted nothing more than to turn off my alarm, pull the covers over my head, and block out everything.  For the sake of my GPA I managed to pull myself out of bed and head off to class. Later on that same day I met a friend for coffee. Getting to know this sister of mine a bit easier than most, I only had to walk one eighth of a mile and she did the rest. She spoke of the same battles, the same pain, and the same little victories I had come to know all too well. She was vulnerable with me, she broke the silence. Having a sister on campus to be real with, to fight alongside, and to celebrate with is quite possibly the biggest gift I could be given.

Unfortunately, most days don’t quite go this way, most days it is necessary to seek life from a different source. A source so much greater than anything on this world. Sometimes I find it in a book, other times in scripture, and often on pinterest. This life is coming from none other than the God who created you and I. The other day I stumbled upon sweet truths in a devotional linked to a facebook advertisement. “I am treasured. I am Beloved. I am His child. I am forgiven. I am redeemed. I am restored.” I was not going to be uplifted by the world that day and that is okay. Sometimes the world holds exactly what you need to hear, other days it will not.

Whether you find life in other people or the Lord himself, never stop looking for it. There will be bad days but life doesn’t stop there. The Lord sent his one and only son so that you and I may experience life. Not a crappy life, life to the fullest. Seek that life, It’s there for you and I.

To anyone out there struggling with depression, anxiety, low self worth, or a bad self image: I hear you. I understand you. I fight your same battles. Know there are people out there who desire to walk through life with you. Find those people. Be bold. Break the silence. Keep on keepin on.

To my sweet sister on campus: You are beloved. You are beautiful. You are a fighter. You are bold. You are my inspiration. You will be victorious. Keep on keepin on.

To my sweet sister many miles away: You are incredible. You are beautiful. You are a irreplaceable. You are strong. You are my inspiration. You will be victorious. Keep on keepin on.


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