Every Step Of The Way


“Lord, help me keep my eyes towards you so I can face my problems knowing you’ll help me every step of the way.”

A few days ago a dear friend shared this quote with me just as I was in need of some serious encouragement. For the past two weeks I have been walking alongside forty college students, forty high school students, and countless interns at a very special place. We have all volunteered our time to serve The Lord in various ways. We live in a beloved community where intentional conversations are desired and encouraged. Life here is more rewarding, life here is more challenging, life here is different.

The first days were not easy, in all honesty they were downright draining and discouraging. Exhaustion drifted throughout camp, weighing down on even the most energized individuals. In Matthew 11:28 we are invited by our Lord “Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Here at camp we pray, ALOT. We are constantly asking The Lord for strength and wisdom to love campers, for good health to remain working hard, and for understanding and compassion in complicated situations.

The quote I opened with days “help me keep my eyes towards you”. Our eyes are extremely special creations, they allow us to catch sight of the incredible world around us. We see the beauty, the wonder, the heartbreak, and the destruction. By keeping our eyes towards God, he is able to help us through the highs and the lows in the world which we live in. Throughout my time here at camp I have learned the importance of looking to God first in everything and seeking him continuously. His faithfulness has been so apparent and he truly has helped me though every step of the way. This version of me is worth fighting for.


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